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Holiday Shopping Guide

November 20, 2012

Dear Consumers:

I  know you are very busy getting ready for a big family gathering in a few days! But if I could have your attention for a couple minutes, I would be very grateful.

As I walked around Times Square in New York City with my son Adam last weekend watching all the national outlets entice customers to come in and buy from them, I was inspired to do something to help women owned businesses in my organization increase their exposure and holiday sales.

Since most of the women we represent don’t get the same high end exposure and foot traffic as Times Square, today’s special blog contains a link to a holiday shopping guide to help them gain exposure and “eye traffic” so consumers like you reading this piece will consider buying from them this holiday season.

Did you know women still earn 72 cents on the dollar compared to men ? Do you know the easiest way to put a dent in this unfairness is to shop with purpose this holiday season? Please help me put more money in the pocketbooks and bank accounts of women owned companies by earmarking a percentage of your holiday shopping money with them! 

Our marketing piece links to many awesome holiday sales specials and even 2012-2013 business service specials posted by some of our members. Please help me help women in New York State earn more holiday sales revenue by shopping online or in their stores starting today!   Click here to review the specials!

Please share this message and marketing piece with others in your network. Together we can create a brighter financial future for women today and a generation of girls and women to follow. Thank you for shopping with a purpose and supporting women owned businesses affiliated with Women TIES!  

I wish you a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.
Tracy Higginbotham
Women TIES
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