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More Chefs Needed in the Kitchen – Entrepreneurial Advice

November 19, 2012

The aroma in the kitchen, the quaint lighting and the welcoming personalities of the business owners, make a three year old restaurant popular. Every day their original menu of the best tasting food feeds hundreds. The inviting ambiance coupled with the delicious menu makes their clientele feel like they are home.

 The problem this business faces is not the quality of food or quantity of customers, it is the burned out souls of the owners. Technically they perform their duties well; making the best fare, setting the right mood and keeping clients content. But they aren’t content. They are simply exhausted. From the outside view they have a successful business but internally they are failing.

The owners love their company so much, they don’t want to share the duties of cooking the food or even cleaning the dishes with anyone else. They are hard workers. They also want to keep all the profits to reinvest in the business. They don’t understand how important it is to hire staff to continue the success of the restaurant. 

Entrepreneurs who build their companies around their technical talents alone will face this same situtation. When the three year mark hits and there is a higher demand for their products or services, they will stall too. What they worked so hard for begins to falter because they never built the business with a growth plan. 

Today you can’t achieve your highest entrepreneurial growth goals alone. It’s not possible. Consider whether you are limiting the growth of your company because you are still too involved with the technical side of your business. The saying, “Too many cooks in the kitchen” can actually be good for women entrepreneurs. We all need more chefs in the kitchen so we can gather more customers at the table, market the menu and add innovative touches to our original concept.

 I hope this Thanksgiving holiday you let someone else do the cooking so you can test your leadership skills. See what it feels like to have someone else do the work and then try it in your own business after the holidays are over. I wish you a meaningful Thanksgiving.

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