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Creating A Sensory Experience for Customers & Guests

November 15, 2012

As we walked in the door, we were greeted with an indelible ambiance.  Wooden rafters, elegant pine cone sculptured lanterns, overstuffed leather chairs and fresh picked Adirondack flowers.  A little farther down the entranceway a man was drawing vibrant caricatures of jubilant young children, warm chocolate chip cookies and fresh lemonade sat on a welcoming table, and an acoustic guitarist was performing in the frame of a window looking out to Lake Placid.   The first impression of our stay at the White Face Lodge was truly an unforgettable one.

The experience reminded me why I believe strongly in the power of details. As a professional event planner for my own companies Five Star Events and Women TIES for twenty three years, I have always believed “success is in the details.”  It doesn’t take extraordinary effort to add creative touches within a business to create experiences guests will remember, it takes thought.

Women business owners in all facets of industry can create more memorable moments for their clients by paying attention to special details more frequently. A strand of simple details linked together can create a panoramic sensory experience for guests. Here are a few creative suggestions to add to corporate surroundings, meetings, and events to bring more pleasure to customers:

  • Buy a beautiful water decanter with matching glasses for meetings. Have the decanter and glasses full of ice cold water, ice cubes and lemon slices for your clients to enjoy during meetings.
  • Pick or purchase small bouquets of seasonal flowers and inexpensive vases and make small, simple arrangements placed in greeting and meeting areas for customers to see.
  • Pipe in soft beautiful, soothing music in your waiting areas, on your telephones, and in the bathroom where guests can enjoy the soft sounds.
  • Order fresh baked pastries and have fresh brewed coffee available at every client meeting. 
  • Place monogrammed pads of paper and pens for at each meeting place for your customers to use and take after the event is over.
  • Adjust the lights or shades in the room based on the weather conditions outside to make it more soothing for everyone.
  • Offer extra touches when clients enter your office or events. For example: A staff  member who offers to take a client’s coat and hang it up, someone to offer an umbrella when the client leaves if it’s raining outside, and interesting industry reading material in the waiting room

Success is truly in the details. If you create a more aesthetic environment at any business venue, meeting,  event or even during the holidays, you’ll stimulate your customer’s and guest’s senses and make their experiences with you unforgettable and definitely worth sharing with others.

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