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Increasing Retail Store Sales – A Lesson from Times Square

November 19, 2012

My son and I just got back from a New York City trip. As we entered the Billabong store in Times Square, we were immediately greeted by a friendly salesgirl named Breanna. She asked us where we were from, how we ended up in Times Square and how we were enjoying our trip. Her approach was upbeat and friendly – like we had known her for years.  Her welcoming personality made us stay and shop.

Two minutes later a salesman named Ben showed my son around the store, walked him to a dressing room, had him come out and asked other customers what they thought of his new clothes. My son felt like he had a new buddy.  We stayed in the store longer than we would have and bought more than we would have because we were “befriended” by two very well trained, personal sales staff.  When we checked out at the register and were asked who helped us, we happily gave the names of our two sales assistants. 

This blog post is to inspire any retail stores or small businesses looking to increase sales this holiday shopping season to  implement a new, very friendly approach to sales. Hire some energetic staff to place strategically at openings. Invite your staff to befriend customers.  Give your staff an incentive for selling too.  When we checked out at the register we were asked our sales assistants names. We happily said “Breanna and Ben.” I’m sure our salespeople earned extra money when we gave their names. 

Remember by treating new customers like old friends, you’ll keep them in your store longer, increase your sales and have new “buddies” to give testimonials to other shoppers.

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