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Abundance and Thanksgiving

November 14, 2012

Last Wednesday wasn’t an ordinary Wednesday, it was special. As women entered the venue to attend a typical Women TIES luncheon, many had gifts in their hands. A majority of the gifts were to support a Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive and the rest were for me. As the corner of the room filled up with heights of donated clothes, blankets, toiletries and water bottles, the energy in the room filled up as well. As my registration table became covered in birthday treats, I became covered in appreciation for the women who remembered my special day.

Yesterday Benita Zahn, a guest speaker at an event I hosted, said this statement as part of her leadership speech, “100% of people want to be recognized and acknowledged.” When we are faced with an upset client, a woman entrepreneur suffering from business loss or a major customer’s milestone, stop and acknowledge them. It doesn’t take more than a call, a card, a token of affection, a gesture to help recognize someone. It will take you less than five minutes in most cases.

This past month has shown me abundance. When a woman entrepreneur stood up in Binghamton and asked women in the room to support her café with sales so she could keep it open, I saw her community stand up to support her. When I asked two women in our network who also own storefronAbundantsunrisets to speak with her to lift her up, they said yes immediately. After listening to a popular television anchor woman in Albany take time from a demanding schedule to inspire women, I was moved.

We live in abundant times no matter what the media says and no matter our circumstances. If we have food on our table, we aren’t hungry. If witness a sunrise, we have  light. If we have clients who support us, we have money. If we have a passion and spirit to change this world through our business, we have a gift.

Today’s blog post is to remind you to look at the abundance around you. It’s everywhere. You’ll see it in the faces of loved ones at Thanksgiving. You will feel it today as you communicate with customers. You know it’s within yourself when you wake up with energy and enthusiasm to face what the world offers.

 I know, like me, you are living an abundant life – one that fuels you, encompasses you and motivates you to be the best person you can be. Remember to look for the abundance in your business life today. And remember the people who support you professionally and personally are the most prized gifts of all.

I wish you an abundant day and hope your Thankgiving holiday is filled with grace and love. 

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