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Social Media to the Rescue

November 9, 2012

The recent Hurricane Sandy devastation reminded me of this blog post written in September 2011 after Binghamton, New York was devastated by floods from Hurricane Irene. I am re-blogging it to provide some business wisdom to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

In September 2011, I received an unexpected phone call from a woman entrepreneur from Owego, New York who wanted advice about postponing an event due to the devastating September floods from Hurricane Irene. Before we talked about the benefits of moving the event to a 2012 date, she shared with me the power of community and how social media marketing helped during the crisis

As you heard thousands of home owners lost valuable treasures. Highways and community parks were damaged. Businesses lost equipment, records, and buildings all because of the flooding. The devastation sounded like Hurricane Katrina had hit the Southern Tier.

The woman who called told me how she came across an elderly couple, evicted from their home, with all their belongings on the sidewalk. The landlord wanted to start repairing his property and didn’t have time for them to find another place to live. Having witnessed the helplessness of the couple, this Women TIES member sent out an urgent social media marketing alert asking for 10 volunteers and two trucks to meet her at the address to help the couple. Within 30 minutes, her plea turned into volunteers with trucks. Community spirit and social media marketing came to the rescue.

It’s hard to hear the daily news sometimes because it is full of negative stories that dampen our outlook and create a sense of hopelessness. But there are good stories like this one all around us. Sometimes we forget we are part of a giving community who want to help if they are asked.

We must remember we aren’t only part of a familiar community – our family, our neighbors, and our sister entrepreneurs – we are also part of a global community – our Facebook friends, our LinkedIn associates, and our Twitter network. All are willing to lend a hand if we need it.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that you are part of a local, national and global community. If Facebook can find caring people to help in a crisis and LinkedIn can connect an unemployed person with a friend’s connections to land a job, and we still have our neighbors, family and friends, we are very fortunate. Don’t forget to reach out if you need help or to give support if you are asked.

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