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Business Forecasting Like the Weather Channel

November 8, 2012

When you live in a lake effect snow zone, you understand how the wind’s direction and velocity can produce a range of snowy outcomes. A subtle wind over the warm waters of Lake Ontario can produce a small two inch accumulation of powdery precipitation on the lawn or two feet of treacherous sludge on the highway so can a Nor’easter heading up the east cost. All the variables which produce lake effect snow and Nor’easter weather conditions – wind direction and air temperature – determine slight or significant changes to our weather forecast.

So what do you think determines slight or significant changes to our business forecast? Is it the condition of the local economy? Policies created by the government? Basic economic supply and demand principals? Our own mindset?

At the end of each year entrepreneurs are starting to set new goals and plans for the next year. But maybe this year, we should take a hint from the Weather Channel and start by forecasting what we expect to see. If you’ve been in business longer than 3 years, you should have a good idea of your sales and revenue cycles, your competition and your niche in the market. How can you use what you’ve seen in the past to predict, plan and forecast for this year?

Part of the process isn’t only reviewing statistics, but evaluating your mindset. Are you ready to transform yourself from a timid entrepreneur to a bolder one? Do you find yourself eager to gain financing or staff support to finally climb to the next level? Are you ready to be a manager and leader to take your business one step higher?

Today’s inspirational blog is meant to encourage you to consider the role your past and current mindset has in influencing the risks you take, situations you avoid, and growth you are scared of facing. I hope you are ready, like I am, to take the next big step and making 2013 a transformational year for your company. Let’s keep in mind what we really want to do to move upward or outward with our companies. Let’s commit to some big goals together.

We might not be able to predict lake effect or Nor’easter snow totals like the experts but we can predict a year of growth for ourselves and our businesses. Let’s make some forecasts to take our companies to the next level in 2013. As you enjoy the winter weather outside your window today or in the months to come, remind yourself to start forecasting a brilliant transformational new business year.

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