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Business Lessons from the Lacrosse Field

August 3, 2011

Great business ideas are all around us. We typically discover them in well established business publications, hear about them from national experts or witness them in super successful franchises. But sometimes we discover them in the most unlikely places.

 Last week, at a major lacrosse tournament my son was playing in, I discovered some great marketing ideas.My son asked me to follow him with my Blackberry to a special vendor booth. As we approached the booth, Gait Brothers Lacrosse had a line of boys waiting to get a free t-shirt if they “liked” their company on Facebook. The frenzied lacrosse players were grabbing any electronic device they could find to “like” the company and walk away with the shirt. It was smart marketing because not only did Gait Brothers Lacrosse get a lot of Facebook fans for future promotional opportunities, they had every lacrosse player wearing a shirt, and most importantly their target market talking about them all day long.

Next to them was another vendor, a new t-shirt business run by local brothers who were all athletes. Trying to break their name into the lacrosse market, the brothers were wearing different products walking around the tournament grounds. I happened to notice they kept changing what they were wearing every hour – new shirts, new colors, and new designs. Then they started recruiting other boys to wear their products. The boys, who became walking billboards, got to keep what they were wearing if they promised to walk around and talk about the company It was grass roots marketing at its best.

As I left the tournament, I walked past sponsorship signs hanging on the lacrosse fields. I saw winning teams wearing championship t-shirts with corporate sponsor names on the back. A friend of my son showed me his trophy which was paid for by a local vendor as a way to market their company.
I know most women entrepreneurs aren’t trying to break into the lacrosse market but the point is, there are unique marketing opportunities all around us. It might be in the form of new social media marketing ploys like the Gait Brothers used or the fun advertising antics of KICKS. There is also event sponsorship marketing which creates brand opportunities to companies looking to get in front of a targeted audience.

Today’s blog is to inspire you to think of this lacrosse tale when it comes to your own marketing. Should you be creating clever marketing campaigns to get potential customers to “like” you? Should you be using more colorful marketing antics to get noticed? Are there events you should be sponsoring? Should you create a grass roots marketing campaign?
Remember where ever you go, there are great marketing ideas surrounding you. So keep your eyes open, take in what you see, and create some brand new marketing endeavors to get people talking about you.

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