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The Power of 100 – Planning Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

July 20, 2011

As I adjusted my running schedule from 5 pm to 5 am to beat the heat of the day, my mind was full of business tasks that needed to be done. The cool morning air inspired me to think how I could use the rest of this hot week and the upcoming “dog days of summer” to prepare for the fall season. Although 100 degree temperatures are at our doorstep now, it won’t be long before the cool, colorful season of autumn and a ramped up new business season is here.

In July 2005 one of the first Women TIES programs we conducted was on creativity. The concept of the presentation was to inspire women entrepreneurs to create 100 new ideas for their companies when summer business was slow. We advised the attendees to leave the program, go home and take a pad of paper and a glass of lemonade and sit someplace refreshing and relaxing for the exercise. Out of the list of 100 ideas each woman entrepreneur would discover at least 5 new business concepts to implement in their company.

As I ran this morning I thought I wanted to take the 2005 exercise but put a small twist on it. I decided to use the concept of creating a list of 100 but to break the exercise down to 5 lists of 20 ideas or tasks to motivate me for the fall. I decided I wanted to make a list of 20 successes my company has achieved since January 2011, 20 failures I could improve on, 20 people I met networking but never connected with, 20 top clients to thank, and 20 goals for the remainder of the year. My new list of 100 would give me a chance to look back, refocus and move forward.

Today’s blog is to inspire you to think how you can use the dog days of summer to prepare for the rest of the business year. If the weather is too hot, your clients on vacation, the pace of business slowing down, do yourself a favor and try the exercise with me. I believe the list of successes and failures will fuel us. The people we haven’t connected with will provide a summer sales list. The goals give us a new road map to follow. Plus we’ll find time to thank our largest clients.

So when the temperature hits 100 the next few days, realize it is the perfect time to sip some lemonade, refresh your goals and supercharge yourself for an amazing fall season.

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