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Negotiating Skills

July 13, 2011

 Unit D47 had a penthouse view with the highest quality furniture. Unit A43 had an astounding ocean view but one less bedroom.  Unit   C22 had the lowest price and 100% guest approval ratings but was farthest from the ocean. The difficulty in making a decision on the perfect vacation condo was complicated by the pros and cons of each unit.

Thrown into making the decision even more difficult was the negotiating skills of the condo owners.  Some were willing to give a complimentary night upon signing. Others were willing to discount the price by one night if we signed immediately.  A few others with the best location wouldn’t budge on price or dates.  Having always been attracted to the best deal, with the best customer service provider, made booking this vacation complicated. There wasn’t one clear winner – the one perfect condo with the perfect view with the perfect price. Something had to give and that’s where my Wednesday Wisdom lesson comes from today.

I think we forget there is power in negotiating. There can be great satisfaction in discussing and settling on something that works for both parties. But often times, we don’t like to ask for a better price, a longer deadline, a better deal. We either walk away hating to ask or we take what is offered without asking for concessions.  What type of women entrepreneur are you?  Are you willing to make deals, and ask for deals, or not?

In this economy, should we make negotiating a priority in both our personal and professional lives?  If you are someone who typically doesn’t negotiate, should you start asking for a better price deal from certain vendors?  Could you be more lenient with client payment schedules or deadlines if they ask? Should you be searching, comparing and purchasing products and services based on the best deal you find to save money?

Today’s blog is to encourage you to think about negotiating benefits. Consider making a list of items in your personal and professional life where using better negotiation skills could help your bottom line or get you what you want. If asking for a better deal seems difficult, figure out why and make the changes necessary to become more comfortable with negotiating. You might be surprised at the flexibility you have or others have to make a deal happen today.    

Bottom line we all have to draw a line in the sand on where we stand with pricing and offerings. I hope by developing better negotiation skills you are able to draw a line in the white sand on the best vacation deal you’ve made or with the extra money you’ve earned making smarter deals with clients and vendors.  

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