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Embracing Threatening Skies

August 10, 2011

It’s not too often my posts are produced from a non-business situtation. But as a week long vaction comes to an end I had some wisdom to embark on this balmy Florida morning.

Every time this week a rainstorm popped on vacationers on the beach, bikers on island bike routes, fishermen (and fisherwomen) on the pier, most figured a way to make the best of the change in weather. Sunbathers jumped in the water and swam since they were going to get wet anyways. Bikers kept on biking and fishermen kept on fishing.  The dark clouds and rain showers didn’t dampen the mood, maybe the beach towels, bikes and fishing gear, but not their ability to still enjoy what they were doing.

This week’s stock market plunge which seems to continue to signal a rough economic road ahead, didn’t stop people from investing their money this week, businesses to keep selling, and entrepreneurs from stopping their annual plans. Like dark clouds, it might warn us to keep an eye  to the sky but it shouldn’t make us pack up our beach towels, hang up the fishing gear and pack the bikes away just because the sky looks alittle threatening. We have to keep believing in a positive and brighter outcome.

Today’s post is to remind you that sometimes you need to improvise your plans when darkness starts encompassing your forecast. The best new ideas and best new experiences come out of threatening situtations.

If you are feeling threatened today by the state of the economy, a slower than normal business period, or by stalling sales, realize you have the ability to improvise your plans, implement new ones, and jump into a new way of thinking that could make a big difference on how you feel today and in the future.

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