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A Global Perspective

November 17, 2010

It was two years ago as I sat at a SUNY Oswego School of Business Advisory Board meeting when I experienced Skype for the first time. We were connected via Skype to a study abroad student in Spain. Skype was just becoming familiar in the United States even though it was founded in 2003 by two Swedish entrepreneurs. Appearing on the screen was a young man telling the board about his international business experience. It was fascinating to be communicating live with a student so far away. Although impressed with the technology, it wasn’t something I thought of integrating into my business or life.

As soon as our son went to college this September, the appeal of Skype became real. Knowing we could “see” our son at Boston College was an exciting thought and being able to communicate with him in this medium made the distance disappear. Then when my younger brother left a month later to attend the University of London, once again we knew we could stay connected via Skype making the long distance from America to England much shorter.

One of the key messages of yesterday’s presentation by Maria Filice, publisher of Telos Press, was how important Skype has been to opening up her global business connections. As a Canadian born woman, living in the United States but traveling frequently to Italy and Canada for media appearances, she is use to international travel and business. What was eye-opening about her presentation was her acknowledgement that through blogging and Skype she has dramatically opened up new global business connections which have been instrumental in increasing her outreach and book sales.

I am always encouraging women to expand their local, state and regional marketplace in New York, but the concept of expanding globally for our company and most of the women entrepreneurs we know isn’t on the radar screen yet. It might be because we aren’t ready to expand internationally. It could be we are busy enough with local or regional business. We might not have the staff structure or management plan to expand internationally. But what I was reminded about yesterday is the world is expansive, communicating globally is not difficult or expensive, and there are excellent business opportunities beyond our own horizon when we are ready.

Today’s blog is to inspire you to think about how and when you might begin dabbling in global business. It could be as simple as getting Skype and experimenting with it. It could be searching the web for international companies like yours and connecting with them to share ideas. It might be finding bloggers in your industry where you can begin to make new global connections. It could be attending an educational seminar on how to do business internationally.

As you’ve heard before, the world is in the palm of our hands. It’s up to us to realize, seek and discover what having a new global perspective can mean for our personal and corporate growth today and in the future.  

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