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Thanksgiving Entrepreneurial Message

November 25, 2010

As I drove to Boston yesterday to pick up my son from College, I had time to think about the entrepreneurial inventions of today that have helped to make this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday easier for hard working women entrepreneurs.

Although armed with a multitude of traditional cookbooks, Monday I found myself searching the Internet for a creative alternative to apple pie that would be extra special for our meal. Soon I found a “Medieval Apple Tart” recipe that sounded perfect – a recipe from a woman who displays her recipes on the web.

As I contemplated how to make the most succulent turkey for my family, I knew from past cooking experiences nothing makes my favorite Balsamic Marinated Turkey better than a Reynolds Cooking Bag.

Adorning the meal would have to be a Finger Lakes Riesling wine.  The days of my Italian grandfather’s dandelion wine bottled in an old sauce jar have been replaced (thank God) by entrepreneurial vineyards and someone keen enough to figure out how to bottle the wine more effectively.

As I whizzed past cars sitting in long lines at the interstate toll booths with my EZ Pass, I was reminded of how modern inventions make life easier.  I’m not sure who sat in lines long enough to create the invention but I know it’s one of the best inventions for families trying to get to their loved ones quicker.

This week’s blog entry  is to remind you as you rise this beautiful morning in either your home or a loved one’s house to celebrate this American holiday, that you’re mindful of the entrepreneurs from the past and today, who have made the day simpler for us by their creative inventions. Like them, we work extra hard to make an impactful difference as entrepreneurs. Like them, we are appreciated by a multitude of grateful clients all year long for our “inventions” – whether they are services we provide or products we create.

We might not be the person who changes the world with the next best new invention that makes a generation to follow thankful for eternity for their creative brilliance, but we do have the ability every day to be thankful for a truly good life that allows us to be all that we want to be, to make money every year doing what we love, and sharing our gifts and intelligence with the world. I am thankful to you for all you do to make this world a better place by your time, energy and contribution. Thank you for being a woman entrepreneur.

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