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Glass Half Full

November 13, 2010

The vision of the glass half empty, glass half full has always been an interesting perspective. Whether you view a half glass of water as half full or half empty is suppose to demonstrate your perspective on life.  Viewing the glass half full means you have a more optimistic outlook. Viewing the glass half empty means you have a more pessimistic outlook.

As I listened to Tracy Black, last week’s speaker at our Mohawk Valley luncheon, I remembered the half full/half empty glass perspective because Tracy altered our perception of the word “no” by demonstrating how to embrace it as a healthy sales tool. Instead of setting goals to achieve a specific number of “yes” responses to sales inquiries, she challenged us to set goals on the number of “no” responses. According to statistics, entrepreneurs give up after they hit their sales quotas in other words when they receive enough yes responses. But entrepreneurs who set and go for a larger quantity of “no” responses, end up landing many more new clients simply by calling more people. Turning your attention to wanting to hear more rejections will eventually lead to more acceptance of your offer.

It’s the change in perspective we need as saleswomen. We are timid when it comes to making sales calls. We are afraid to hear the response. Even on the brave days when we set aside time to make cold calls, the first “no” can make us stop and start something else. If you set yourself up to receive 20 rejections, think how many more people you’d talk to, how many more opportunities you’d have for success, and how familiar you’d become at making calls. It comes down to numbers really. The word “no” allows us to become more confident in the sales process.

As Oprah says “Ah ha” moments hit us when we least expect them.  I had one of those “Ah ha” moments listening to this presentation. The concept of embracing and loving the word no can be freeing. It allows us to open ourselves up to do things we aren’t comfortable doing knowing that enough rejections will lead to more successes. It’s that way in life too. We’ve all heard the story of how many times Abraham Lincoln ran for office before he became President or how Thomas Edison had hundreds of unsuccessful inventions before his successful ones. It really comes down to our resilience in hearing no. Our stamina in sticking with what we believe in. Our confidence in moving forward when we are given every reason to quit. Our tenacity eventually determines our success.

Today’s blog  is to challenge you to embrace the word “no” today and in the future. Just like switching your view of a glass being half empty to half full, we must switch our view on how successful we can become with the more “no’s” we hear.

As my father the successful salesman always said, that next sales call can be either a yes or a no. Are you going to give up on getting the yes because you are too afraid of the no? It is just a word. It has meaning. It shouldn’t stop you from asking and getting what you need to be successful. Go for no today and enjoy a half full glass of water when you’re done!

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