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Stand Strong

November 5, 2010

If you are reading this blog entry, it means you survived another year of political frenzy filled with negative commercials and propaganda. The ads depicted politicians angry with their competition.  Voters were irritated at the smear ads. The public was annoyed there wasn’t a single politician who could rise above it all and focus on anything positive.  I’m not sure that amount of negative advertising would ever work for business owners. Can you imagine how popular Billy Fuccillo would be if all he talked about was how “small” everyone else was! Somehow it’s more bearable (and that’s stretching it) hearing positive words like the word “huge” all the time.  

I’ve been asked a number of times in my career if I’d ever consider being a politician since I have such a feministic voice.  My answer has always been no. In my mind, to be a politician means giving up your hard core beliefs to appeal to the public in order to be popular and gain votes. In my opinion, there are very few politicians who consistently stand up for what they believe in, have the populous follow them and then live out their promises. Somehow power, money, majority votes move the decisions. I could never compromise my staunch support for women for any of those reasons.

As an entrepreneur we have the ability to live out our beliefs every single day.  We don’t have to compromise on policy, customer service or product quality. Whether we are moved by creating the most unique marketing materials for a client, offering interpreting services for the hearing impaired, or empowering women through coaching or financial planning, we live every day doing what’s right for us. To be the best we can be in this life, we need to know, acknowledge and own what makes us different, what makes us better, what makes us unique. We need to offer all we have. We need to be honest. We need to follow through on promises. We must push until we make the difference we want to make.

Today’s blog entry is to have you take a look at yourself today. What is your most powerful belief on why you are in business? What are your core principles? What won’t you ever compromise on? Take some of these beliefs and incorporate them into a statement that represents what you want your customers and the public to know about how you conduct business.

There have been many times since 1996 when I was pressured to have male speakers or accept male members in the organizations I was managing. I didn’t do it then, and I won’t do it in the future no matter what the price. I am extremely confident in knowing that I am 100% dedicated to the financial success of women entrepreneurs and I’ll do whatever it takes to help them expand their local, state and regional marketplace with each other. If the world of politics ever changes to truly allow candidates to stand their ground and honestly speak their mind to change the world for the better, I’ll be the first one in line wearing pink!

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