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Going for No

October 29, 2010

We probably don’t remember the first time we heard the word “no” because we were too young to remember.  But in order to keep us safe or teach us right from wrong, our parents had to set boundaries for our curiosity. We probably first heard the word by the time we were six months old.  But it didn’t stop us from trying new things like eating mud, jumping in puddles, and drawing on the walls. No…No…No….the word didn’t stop us.As we became teenagers we might have heard the word more often. “No you can’t hang out with friends at midnight;” “No you can’t drive the car during a snow storm; and “No you can’t let your dirty clothes ferment on the floor until they eat a hole in it.”  No, No, No…the word became annoying, unnerving and more familiar. 

Then as we became entrepreneurs we might have heard the word again, “No, we can’t fund your company, we’re a big bank, you’re a woman and the company is too young;” or “No, you shouldn’t start a business now the economy is horrible;” or “No way are you ever going to make that crazy dream a reality.” No, No, No….the word didn’t stop us then either.

So why is it when it comes to sales we let the possibility of hearing the word “no” stop us in our tracks or paralyze us before we begin? Is it because we don’t believe enough in ourselves, in what we are selling, or in the benefits of our services or products? Could it be we have become so conditioned to associate “no” with negativity that we are too tired to try?

 If you’ve been in business long enough you know you can’t take “no” as the answer if you are going to survive or grow. Just like when we were toddlers or teenagers, we can’t learn what is good, what is harmful, what is worth trying for, if we don’t experiment and go for it.

Today’s blog is to encourage you to “go for no” today. What do you have to lose? What will happen if you get a “no?” The more intriguing question is “What could you lose if you don’t try?” It’s probably a much bigger price than you’re willing to lose.

If you need some help with the word, join us next week  at the Women TIES Mohawk Valley Luncheon as Tracy Black an Advanced Director a national franchise tells us how she maximizes sales by going for no. She loves the word and she’ll inspire you to love it too!

Remember No, No, No…should never stop you from trying. It’s always exactly what we need to make the advances we must to grow our companies and ourselves as entrepreneurs.

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