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Phoenix Rising: Entrepreneurial Rebirth

October 20, 2010

Recently I was watching a Harry Potter movie with my son when one scene in particular stood out. It involved Harry witnessing a brilliant gold and scarlet phoenix combust into flame and turn into dust.  Shocked by the event, the head master told Harry to not be alarmed, the phoenix would rise again from its ashes and be as brilliant as before. 

The scene resonated with me in particular this month since I have had numerous conversations with women entrepreneurs who are breast cancer survivors, who have risen from the ashes of their own health despair to be running their companies again or to start a new business to support the cause. Even if you aren’t a woman entrepreneur who has experienced a major health issue like breast cancer, you probably have faced another illness, a family member struggling with their health, or a death of a loved one.  If you haven’t experienced any personal issues, it is possible your business life felt like it was going up in flames because of financial troubles, declining sales or major competition taking away market share.

The point is we have felt, and maybe feel right now, like the phoenix. We may have already gone up in flames or feel like we might. We may have already risen from the ashes or we know we need to. But just like this mythological bird represents, there is always rebirth after loss. There isn’t any other way to get through life. The question is on long do we muddle in the ash before rising back into our own brilliant light.   

 I have known many women who have almost given up their businesses at the point when everything suggested they should. I also know women who have built successful businesses that were handed to them due to hard personal situations. The question comes down to this, “Do I have what it takes today, tomorrow and in the future to push through and make something positive of this situation?” “Should I rise again from the ashes I’ve experienced to a new level of brilliance, hope and growth?” The answer always lies within us.

Next week, I have asked a special guest speaker, Maria Filice who took over her husband’s company after he passed away unexpectedly, to inspire women to persevere and grow beyond their expectations at next week’s Women TIES Syracuse Luncheon. This woman has garnered national and international media attention in her entrepreneurial endeavors since her husband’s passing. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a passion driven experience that has made a positive impact not only on her life, but the lives of a devastated region of Italy.

Today’s post is to remind you that we all have phoenix experiences. Not only do we have to deal with hard situations but we have to grow from them and realize we have the capacity to lead a stronger, more radiant life. In the end, the colors of our day, the success of our endeavors, the glow we possess grows as we emerge from the ruins. Embrace whatever is your second chance today.

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