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Your Chosen Path

April 14, 2010

As I sat at the Post Standard 2010 Achievement Award Luncheon, I was inspired by the depth and breadth of the accomplishments of the award winners, their personal dedication to their profession or community, and their passion for making a difference in Central New York.  Although they weren’t all entrepreneurs, they embodied the entrepreneurial spirit by their deeds, successes and enthusiasm.

 I was proud to be there as a guest of SUNY Oswego to cheer on President Deborah Stanley. I first met Dr. Stanley in 1984 when she taught my business law class. I was instantly impressed by this strong female faculty member. I have grown to admire her even more as leader of an institution I love because she has done such an incredible job maintaining high educational standards, improving facilities, increasing scholarship funds, and creating stronger community connections since becoming president in 1995.  

The thought that kept surfacing as I listened to each one of the award recipients’ personal videos and thinking about my own path from student in Dr. Stanley’s classroom to guest at her award table, is the amazing connective journey we take in our lives to get where we are today.  In our lifetime we take many individual steps which leads us in a future direction we can’t foresee until we get “there.” Whenever we have that “aha moment” we look back and see the stepping stones and the path we have traveled. It makes sense – perfect sense – and there is always a message in it for us.

I realized that my commitment to my alma mater, my educational background, my constant and lifelong interest to be inspired by women like Deborah Stanley, has put me where I am today – inspiring and educating other women to higher levels of their own success.

Today’s blog is to remind you that you have traveled a rewarding journey already in your life. Take a moment today to look back at the path you have taken to get to today. See that you are exactly where you are suppose to be and doing precisely what you are suppose to be doing. There is nowhere else you need to be, but right here, right now. Look around. Soak it up. Be grateful for the path you have chosen.

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