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Post Syracuse University WISE Conference Action

April 9, 2010

Yesterday Syracuse University hosted its eighth annual WISE Conference. An annual premier event for women entrepreneurs. The one-day symposium, attended by nearly 1,000 women, included a wide variety of seminars, motivational speeches from successful women business owners, networking opportunities and a business expo. Having been the emcee for WISE the very first year and following two years I can attest to the power of this annual event to inspire and educate women.

If you did or didn’t attend yesterday’s event, I hope today you embrace the energy and enthusaism you felt at the event or are feeling about growing your own business and join Women TIES in 2010 as we work every single day on a proactive and consistent basis to create the same spirit and opportunities WISE generates. Women TIES is dedicated 365 days a year to helping women entrepreneurs specifically.

Nancy Hayman, Ellie Hayman and Tracy Higginbotham

Women TIES is the only local, state and most importantly regional organization for women entrepreneurs created to help women on a daily basis brand their name, increase their sales opportunities and make stronger strategic economic ties with other women across the state.

 We are determined to make 2010 a banner year for women entrepreneurs. We want you to benefit so please get involved with us today! Take a look  by visiting our the Women TIES Events page at the amazing regional events we have lined up through June 2010 to strategically support your efforts to widen your regional marketplace, inspire you to higher levels of success, and bring you together with women who want to buy from each other! It is a powerful network and we want you to be a part of it.

Since 1996, I have been personally dedicated to helping women like you succeed in business not for just one day, but all year long. I look forward to supporting your entrepreneurial efforts in 2010, having you as a member, promoting your business and seeing you at our events.

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