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Achievement Award Winner’s Lessons

April 16, 2010

Last week I learned some great business lessons from the 2010 Post Standard Achievement Award Winners, I wanted to share with you today. I hope they inspire you to greater levels of entrepreneurial success today.

 *We each have individual life missions. They might be faith driven, business minded, community service focused, generated from injustice, or purely heart centered. We can make big changes in our community if we know what our life mission is and work towards making a difference.

* Even though one person has the mission to fuel change, it takes support from others to take a mission and really make a difference. Whether its volunteers, staff, family or other support networks, no one can accomplish great things without the assistance of other individuals. Be willing to identify who else feels the way you feel and ask them to support your efforts.

*The world is a hectic place. We each have a lot of demands placed on us but people who really make a difference find the time and energy to do more. Each award recipient was applauded for their generosity in donating their time to other organizations or individuals. Even though we are busy women entrepreneurs, are we finding time to give back to causes that move us? I believe we should after witnessing the Post Standard’s unsung heros and heroines.

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