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Start Clean

February 17, 2010

Every day we arrive at our office with a pile of responsibilities, plans and projects waiting for us.  Some days we leave the office with nicely stacked mountains of work to tackle the next day. Some days we leave our desks with an unruly heap of paperwork screaming for attention.  Sometimes the organization, or disorganization, on our desks represents how we feel inside.

When the overwhelming amount of work, client problems or stress gets too much to bear, we have to start clean. We may need to take a day off working on client projects to simply get things in order – using the day to physically and mentally straighten the piles.  Instead of thinking of the day as a loss of revenue, consider it a day of gain.

Many times as an event planner when my clients and I are in the middle of putting together a complex event and the details become overwhelming, we have to back up to the beginning, start with the clean slate and envision the original mission, in order to move forward more effectively. Similarly in entrepreneurship, when we get in the middle of a complex period of work and we feel as stressed, we need to back up, regain our composure, remember our mission and re-create a sense of organization.

Today’s message is to remind you that every day offers you a chance to create a clean slate, especially if you are in an overwhelming period of work or life. The hardest part is recognizing the need to freshen up your mental outlook so you can be more efficient and successful in the near future. Every day is a blessing both personally and professionally. I encourage you to stop feeling overwhelmed and to make an appointment with yourself to step back, clear off the clutter, regain your focus and create a new clean, fresh outlook regarding the work  ahead of you.

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