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Getting Organized

February 19, 2010

If you are a woman entrepreneur and you need some inspiration today to clear out your mind, get organized and become more productive, take a few minutes to read our simple success strategies on starting clean.  It might be just what you need to gain a fresh perspective on overwhelming projects and tasks facing you.

Don’t Start Your Day Off With Details

Take advantage of the clarity that a new day holds. After a well rested night of sleep, our minds are open for big, broad thinking. Don’t open your emails or return phone calls first thing in the morning if you need some extra time to get organized. As soon as we get involved with the tiny details of the day, we lose the abundance of clear thinking to help us with bigger plans or major projects. Take the first hour of a day this week to get organized – keep the computer and phone off and give yourself time to stay fresh and organized until you have things under control.

Take Out Your Calendar

After an hour of clear thinking, pull out your calendar and put some dates and timelines to your projects, tasks or jobs.  Keeping responsibilities in our mind without starting or ending dates can make us feel more overwhelmed. By writing down tasks and assigning them dates, you’ll have a greater sense of control in accomplishing them. A sense of control creates calm in our minds which is an important part of accomplishing a lot of work. 

Work Effectively and Relax

Once you start working, remember to take important breaks during the day to re-energize your thinking. We have a limited amount of mental fuel. It needs replenishing periodically. Pushing straight through the day without lunch, coffee breaks, some music, some personal phone calls or maybe even exercise, can put us back at square one feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Pace yourself and make sure you add some well deserved perks into your business day. You’ll feel well balanced at the end of the day if you do.

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