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Money Matters – Selling and Investing

February 15, 2010
Do you know what makes you different from any other saleswoman who runs her own company? It’s your understanding of what you customers need, how well you listen to the voice of your clients and how confident you are in explaining how your company’s benefits and services answer and fill their needs. By now, you know the answer. You should have it down pat. But sometimes the hard part of selling is getting the structure and follow-up in place to make consistent sales calls to increase your revenue potential.
Do you know what makes you more successful than the next woman entrepreneur once you bring in sales? It’s your knowledge of where to spend your money, invest your income and account for your revenue. Women who are serious about making money, need to know as much as they can about accounting and investing. We can sell, sell, sell but if we don’t understand whether we should invest it back in our businesses or into our individual accounts, we are doing ourselves an injustice and could be hindering our true success.
The next two Women TIES programs are geared to help you become the best salesperson for your company and to teach you how to make those hard earn sales dollars really work for you!  

Since 1996 I have been producing educational and networking events for women entrepreneurs. Every time the subject of money comes up, women tend to back off. The luncheon numbers are lower and women find reasons to avoid the topic. But the truth is, we must push ourselves to learn as much as we can about financial issues. We are still seriously behind men in this area and until we are more confident about financial matters, we won’t succeed at the pace we should.
I hope you take the initative today to sign up for one of the two luncheons targeted to help you succeed in bringing in, and earning more, revenue! We are in business to make money. Let’s get really serious about it this month! Go to to sign up!
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