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Success Strategies on Risk Taking

February 12, 2010

If you need alittle inspiration to help you take some risks today or in the near future, take a few minutes to read today’s three success strategies. They might be exactly what you need to finally make the decision you’ve been wanting to make for awhile.

How Long Has it Been?   Sometimes the action that finally gets us to take risks and get off the mountain is stopping to realize how long we’ve been stuck at the top. Have you been thinking about a business decision for a week, a month, a year? The longer you’re frozen in indecision, the harder it gets to take action. If you’ve been contemplating a big change for more than three months, you may need extra support to take the plunge.  Seek counsel from a business advisor, financial consultant, therapist, business coach or trusted colleague with whom you can discuss your apprehension and plans so you can either move forward or put the decision to rest.

How Well Are Others Things Going In Your Life?   Entrepreneurship takes a lot of mental energy, willpower and determination. As much as we want to separate our personal lives from our business lives, we can’t. They are intertwined. Personal situations, illnesses, loss, and change can take a toll on our mental outlook.  Sometimes taking risks confidently means our personal lives are stable enough for us to be unsettled with new business developments. If you are going through a difficult or transient time in your personal life, taking a large business plunge right now might not be the time. Consider all factors – personal and business – before making any big decisions.

Do You Have Support Systems in Place?   If you feel you have been at the precipice of a decision for awhile and you feel your personal and business lives are stable enough then make sure you have support with your upcoming plans with a strong support system in place.  Support systems could mean gaining extra financing, adding extra staff, renting more office space, moving to a better location, and seeking extra legal or accounting counsel. Get everything lined up so you are ready.  As we glide down the mountain towards the finish line, we need to have all the resources and tools we need to sustain us.  

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