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Letting Go and Going For the Gold

February 10, 2010

Ever feel like you are standing on the summit of a mountain looking down and wondering if you have the guts to let go and give it all you got. Your heart is racing, your eyes wide open and electric energy pulsing through your veins.  How many times have you played it safe in business? How often have you been afraid to tackle the steep slope and stayed perched on top of it waiting for another day to make the decision to go? Has it been days, months or years you’ve been hanging out at the top of the mountain waiting to take a big risk, a really big risk. Half the time it’s not the view from the top, or the steepness of the slope that scares us, it’s the ride waiting for us. You know it will be exhilarating, terrifying, and energizing all wrapped up in one. But if we don’t take big risks sometimes, we’ll get stuck on the mountain top. We’ll be able to see all the people hiking their way down, skiing in the powder or sliding on their backs and envy them.

Sometimes women entrepreneurs have to move. We have to let go. We have to get out of the place we’ve been stuck in for so long. The grey winter skies, the current economic conditions, people in our past, things we have always believed, can’t stop us anymore.

If you need some inspiration this upcoming week, make sure you turn on the Olympics and cheer for Mohawk Valley Women TIES entrepreneur Carol Hamlin Buczek’s, Owner of Tours By Design, neice Erin Hamlin a luger positioned to take home an Olympic medal! If she can take on the icy twists and turns at Vancover with a formidable spirit and determination, we can tackle our own gutsy runs.

Today  remind yourself that we have to get off the mountain we’ve been standing on for so long so we can achieve the success we crave. It is our decision. It is in us. You know where to find it. It’s time to set it in motion and let go. If you need some extra inspiration to get you moving, watch Erin and cheer for her. She represents brave, bold women willing to leave the mountain top to get the gold. All of us can join her on the ride and at the medal stand!

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