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Independence vs. Dependence

January 27, 2010

Independence is not something we are born with. We come into the world relying on doctors to deliver us and parents to care for us.  As time passed, we grew and so did our independence as we learned to walk, talk, read and go to school. As we blossomed in age, we kept learning and became more independent each day eventually becoming an adult and venturing out on our own. But even when we were young adults and newly married; and even now in our middle years, we could never be completely independent of others.

Similarly when we conceived, created and walked into our own businesses, it wasn’t long before running them solely taught us to lean on others for support. Whether it was relying on other professionals for business advice, needing our clients to pay the bills, or eventually hiring staff to take some of our work, our dependency on others became crucial to succeeding in business.  I don’t believe there is one entrepreneur alive who has done it single-handedly. It’s not possible.

 A majority of women entrepreneurs begin their ventures alone. Some began with a partner. Some outsource work. Eventually though the most successful women business owners had to hire staff to help them grow when their business started blooming. None of them could move beyond infancy without human and financial resources.  Our dependence on a support network – both internally and externally – is crucial if we want to expand.  

Today’s blog entry is to remind you that even if today isn’t the day you want to, or can hire more support, begin conceiving a plan for when that day will come. If you keep doing everything you have been doing right to network, sell and promote your business, that day will come sooner than later. Don’t be too independent for too long.

If it’s been awhile since you leaned on someone to help you, remember back to your parents, teachers, friends and relatives who sustained you from your formative years to now.  It was impossible to grow and survive without them, just like it’s impossible to achieve your largest entrepreneurial dreams without support.

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