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Action, Action, Action

January 20, 2010

Waking to this morning’s television commentaries on the pessimistic outlook for President Obama’s agenda now that the Massachusetts Senate race was won by Republican Scott Brown made me realize some things will never change. As much as government officials promise to work together, shake hands across the aisle, and implement bi-partisan change, when it really comes down to it very few substantial changes are made because people and systems don’t really want to alter what already exists.

As this week’s news of the horrendous Haiti earthquake unfolded it also solidified my feeling about change. In this case, one moment in time altered and affected the lives of millions of people – the inhabitants of the island and the world as supporters.  News of a major earthquake has been predicted for awhile but nothing was ever done to prepare for this disaster – a catastrophic change – by instituting such things as better building standards and emergency disaster plans.  Sometimes an earth shattering event is the only way reform takes place.

By the third week in January most reports state that personal New Year’s resolutions have already been broken; and the change people set for themselves on January 1st has already slipped out of sight.  Reforming our practices takes more than acknowledgement, it takes action too. Just like politicians and governments in our country and abroad need to do more than acknowledge problems, they need to follow through and make changes. Talk is easy, action is hard.

Today’s blog is to remind you that as entrepreneurs we have all we need to implement change in our own lives and in our companies. We have the power to move today! It requires acknowledging and talking about the change and then creating an action plan to ensure its success. 

 Unlike the United States political system or the devastating effects of a natural disaster, as women entrepreneurs we can act today and implement policies to transform ourselves, our companies and the business community so we can be more successful. Action, action, action…..are the buzz words to keep in mind in 2010.

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