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Excellent Customer Service Examples

February 2, 2010

Recently I’ve witnessed some first class companies whose motto, “Absolutely I Can Help You” has burned a big “L” for loyalty in my heart, mind and wallet! Today’s blog features some Success Strategies to illustrate a few examples of how good customer service produced can make a big impact.  

On a recent trip to Annapolis Maryland, we had to move our hotel room twice for various reasons that were out of our control including excessive street noise and young children in adjoining rooms. Every time we had a request, the front desk personnel said, “No problem, we can move you. Where would you liked to be moved to?” They never questioned the request. They just did it and did it with a smile.  Question: When your clients ask you to do something that seems like it might be their problem and not yours, do you question them or do you accomodate their request and say “Absolutely I Can Help You”

Over the past year, my son and I have traveled to ten different college campuses touring them, asking questions and gaining insight into whether they were the right places for him. We found a distinct difference between the ones who just saw us as “part of the crowd” viewing the campus and others who treated us like “honored guests”.  The difference came down to how friendly they were, how concerned they were to seek and answer our questions, and how enthusiastic they were about their job, what they were selling, and their college. Question: Do you seek and answer questions your clients might have to ensure they are content, getting enough of what they need and finding solutions to their issues? If you are, then you are saying “Absolutely I Can (and Want) To Help You”

A year ago our son had a small accident with his SUV we had planned on taking on a scheduled trip that weekend that couldn’t be changed. We needed the SUV fixed and ready to go in three days. The place we took the vehicle promised it would be done in three days and called the night before the third day to tell us it would be ready first thing in the morning. Question: Do you give guarantees you know you can keep and tell your clients so they can count on your promise? Delivering on what you promise and easing a customer’s “pain” is a great example of saying “Absolutely I Can Help You”

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