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Customer Service Success Strategies

December 3, 2009

Today’s success strategies come from insight from Customer Service Imagemy recent appointment on the right way to treat your customers to keep them confident and content in doing business with you.  Remember it doesn’t matter if what we sell is medical advice, building supplies, marketing services or holiday gift items, what matters is we understand the value of the customer experience and do all we can to make clients coming back for more.

* Taking the time to have conversations with customers can help create a bond that makes them feeling important, appreciated and grateful for doing business with you. Never underestimate the significance of giving your full attention and time to your clients. 

* Understand that any customer feedback can be seen as a way to improve the next customer’s experience with you – helping you to improve each time. Value what they say, what ideas they generate and make sure they know you appreciate the thoughts.

*  Remember each employee has talents and personality  that adds richness to your company. Allow your employees to incorporate their own unique style and personality into their customer conversations. As long as they understand the company’s overall message and customer service policies, they can make a unique difference with clients.

* Make sure your company mission and customer service policy is displayed somewhere in your office, on your website or in marketing documents. Make your clients aware of your exceptional efforts to treat them well and respect their business. 

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