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Compassionate Entrepreneurs

December 2, 2009

As I walked out of the office of my internist, their corporate motto struck me, “Compassion. Quality. Experience.” Coming from a family of doctors, where I was always treated with non-rushed compassionate care and intelligent solutions to my small and big medical issues, I grew up thinking this was the only way patients were treated.  Knowing they were entrepreneurs as well as doctors made me appreciate their bedside manners even more.  

Once I was away from home and had to find other doctors to see, I sometimes came across cold, impatient, frantic physicians with little time, talent or personality to make me comfortable with the visit or diagnosis. Yesterday as I left my internist’s office after a 30 minute face-to-face discussion with her on a reoccurring medical issue, I realized the true value and extent of doing “business” with the right people – whether they are doctors, dentists or traditional business professionals. 
Compassion, quality, and experience is exactly what I receive every time I visit their office; leaving me grateful for the appointment. It made me think as women entrepreneurs we have the quality and experience in our field, but do we have the compassion for our customers? Are we kind, considerate, and caring all the time, not just when we need to be? Are our employees compassionate dealing with clients when we aren’t there? How much better could your company be if every person who came in contact with it received “compassion, quality and experience?”

Today’s blog entry is to remind you that as women we have the ability to infuse a compassionate philosophy into our companies to make sure our customers experience a kindhearted sincere experience meant to make their conversation or transaction with us valuable and pleasurable.

Not only in this more heartfelt month of December should we treat our customers with extra care and kindness, it is something we must integrate all year long so when our customers walk out our doors or hang up the phone they can’t wait to come back or to talk to us again.

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