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Buy From Women Owned Business This Holiday

December 8, 2009

As the cold envelopes the morning air and the beauty of the season settles in upon us, doing business this time of the year can be invigorating. Women entrepreneurs are hopeful for increased holiday sales, we can relax and catch up on end of the year work, and we are able to create opportunities to thank valuable clients for their business.  Cold and snow may make us feel chilled on the outside, but this is the perfect time to feel warm on the inside.

All year long I work to spread the message of “good cheer” about doing business with women entrepreneurs in hope we will individually and collectively become financially stronger each day. When I glance at the holiday wreath adorning my window, it makes me think about the strong, beautiful circle and network of women entrepreneurs who believe in our mission – buying from each other, working together on projects, referring others – in a continuous and beneficial loop. 

This holiday season I have the image of ringing cash registers for women across New York State is top on my gift list this year!  Today’s blog is to remind you to consider buying from a woman owned business this holiday shopping season. Now is the time to take advantage of the season and all its offerings – especially by embracing the gifts other women are willing to offer you, embarking on new invigorating thoughts for 2010, and enlightening your heart and mind by buying from other women entrepreneurs when you shop the next two weeks.  If you do, the goodwill generated inside you will keep you warm during these chilly December days. 

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  1. December 15, 2009 10:12 pm

    Love your article. I think we may be ‘kindred spirits,’ as we seem to have the same passion…women in business. We should connect!


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