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Business Success Strategies: 1 – 3

August 12, 2009

This week as my first company, Five Star Events, turns 15 years old. I will share fifteen success strategies I have learned as an entrepreneur since starting my business on August 8, 1995. For the next week, I’ll share three strategies a day to help inspire other women entrepreneurs in their own ventures.


Keep your eyes open to new innovations within your field so you can incorporate some of them into your business. Whether the innovations come from new technology to better your product, better ways to be more efficient in your operations, or newly created services generated from customer’s requests. Innovation is a key to long term success. You can’t stay idol you must be constantly moving forward.

 Outsource Business Duties

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur is one way to stay in business a long time. By knowing what you are good at and what you are not, will allow you to outsource responsibilities to staff, vendors or other entrepreneurs. As a business grows, so does its responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, we must know when we need to grow our support systems to accomplish more duties. When the time comes and you simply can’t get anything accomplished anymore, create a plan and outsource work to others.

Network Big

As your company grows, so will your need for a more experienced or larger network of potential clients, advisors, or organizations. You can’t grow as an individual or company without growing the circle around you. It doesn’t mean you walk away from things that have worked in the past, but it means looking bigger, wider and higher for connections to help you at this new level.

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  1. kevin permalink
    August 13, 2009 6:59 am

    nice information and thank you for sharing your experience with us… I would like to prefer this book to young entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own business… They can develop critical skills required to develop and increase their business…


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