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Business Success Strategies Four – Six

August 14, 2009

Here are the fourth, fifth and sixth success strategies I learned over the past fifteen years as a woman entrepreneur. Yesterday we shared the first three strategies and in the following days we’ll share the rest. Hopefully they will help other women business owners succeed more successfully in business today.

Put More Money Into Your Business

 Many times women start off underfinancing their operations. We are either too wise or too nervous to invest alot of money in something we just begin. But as our confidence grows in our enterprise, we need to increase our confidence in borrowing money to expand our operations. Ten years after becoming an entrepreneur when I created my second company Women TIES, I invested ten times the amount of money I did when I started Five Star Events to make sure I could expand from the beginning. I was not that confident in 1995.

Become an Expert

About five years into my business I knew I had an expertise in my industry and as a woman entrepreneur to position myself as an “expert in the field.” By understanding I was an expert with valuable information to share, I was able to promote myself as a speaker at many events. The promotion led to more promotion which eventually led to a “brand” I created for myself. When it came time to pitch the column for the Post Standard, they knew who I was because of my earlier efforts to let others know I was an expert in my field. Brand yourself as an expert and see what transpires.

 Take A Month Off

A few years ago I had a medical condition that forced me to take a three month sabbitical from my businesses. The first two months were taking care of myself physically but the last month was taking care of myself mentally. I needed that month to refocus and reenergize myself as an entrepreneur. It was the most enlightening month of my life. In clarity I saw my future, created bigger dreams and found confidence to move forward with Women TIES, a notion I had thought about in 1998! Sometimes only in the quiet of the day can we create a bigger future. If you can find some time to yourself and explore the possibilities.

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