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Entrepreneurial Speed Limits

August 10, 2009

As I was driving down the road to meet a couple women to discuss a mid-winter collaboration, I noticed the speed limit signs to my right. I had run into some construction and was running late for the meeting. I wish I could be going the speed they suggested – 30 mph – instead of 15. Most of the time 30 mph feels painfully slow. On average, I tend to drive above the speed limit not under it. As a woman entrepreneur I’m the same way. I work at a high speed to get where I have to go and to get work accomplished.  I realized in business, just like on the road, we follow certain speed limits.

Sometimes we work frantically through the night getting the last finishing touches done on a project, we rush through the day going from meeting to meeting, and we push our minds and bodies past their limits to accomplish a major feat or event. In the rare moments we find time to go alittle slower and breathe.
We also hit speed limits when we work for clients. Customer service requires working at a client’s pace – sometimes it’s a demanding pace and other times it’s not. Sometimes the amount of work we do is heavy due to our business cycle; other times it’s light because of the time of year.  In the end, our clients and the business economy control half of the pace and we control the other half.
Today remind yourself to take control of the wheel today and move at your own speed. Recognize when you are going too fast for your own good, when a client is pushing you past your comfort zone, or when you know you must slow down to be safe. Also remind yourself that there are times when you need to gear up, push harder and work faster to accomplish some bigger goals, finish major client projects, or move on tasks you’ve been avoiding.  I hope you set your own speed limit and work at the pace that feels right for you – whether that’s zipping along or Sunday afternoon driving.
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