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The Logical and Creative Side of Entrepreneurship

May 18, 2009

As an event manager for twenty three years, I have used both a logical and creative side to my thinking. To be successful in my industry you need to be extremely focused on organizational details while interlacing creative elements into an event to make it memorable. As an entrepreneur I’m successful because I dedicate as much time to the creative side of business as the practical side. A company cannot remain idle; it must constantly seek creative new ways to grow its offerings and client base. Both sides of the brain must be engaged to  survive, exist, and expand one’s enterprise.

An entrepreneur can become more creative by paying attention to new ideas brought up by their clients, staff or associates. Their “needs” can become your next best product or service. Also pay attention to any current challenges your company is facing. Sometimes difficult situations force innovative thinking which leads to corporate growth. Refuse to thnk their are only a finite amount of ways to solve a problem. By creating solutions, you might create more success.  Finally, allow yourself and your staff time each quarter to generate new ideas for your business. The next best idea could be right around the corner but you have to allow time for them to be generated.

Before you implement any brilliant new ideas, use the other side of your brain to make sure they make financial and planning sense. Incorporate them into your business plan, crunch the numbers, schedule the work, create the marketing plan, and analyze staffing requirements. We must be able to dream and create while being able to remain strong and financial successful.

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