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Creating Innovative Ideas

May 15, 2009

Four years ago on a balmy summer day with a lemonade in my hand and a yellow pad of paper and pen in front of me, I sat outside under the coolness of a majestic maple tree following the “creative” directions of Erin Nowak of Bride Design (  who had just presented a program on using creativity to grow a business. The task she gave to seminar attendees was to spend an afternoon creating a list of 100 new innovative ideas for their companies.

The challenge sounded fairly reasonable, fun and easy. Ironically it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. By the time I got to creative idea number 37, I was stumped. Coming up with 63 more ideas was like asking a woman entrepreneur to give up what she loved doing. It seemed impossible. But by pushing my mind to think beyond its normal parameters and contemplate expansive thoughts, I ended up producing 100 innovative ideas in which five solid revenue producing concepts were born.

As women entrepreneurs we get use to running our businesses the same way once we find the magic formula. But when we are challenged to think differently it eventually alters our perspective and allows for fresh insight and ideas. Doing business the same way all the time can make us successful, but periodically fresh vision opens up unlimited possibilities. As the spring and summer seasons begin to blend, I hope you’ll check out the weather forecast in advance, head outside and take an afternoon to create your own list of 100 innovative ideas. If you need inspiration on creativity and growth, we have two fantastic presentations coming up to inspire you.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that just like a majestic maple tree needs to ‘branch out’ to grow big and strong, so do women entrepreneurs interested in doing the same for their companies. I hope you grab a glass of lemonade, a yellow pad of paper and a glorious day and enjoy an afternoon of creative and challenging thought.

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