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Monday Motivation: Running Freely

March 6, 2023

Monday Motivation, Inspiration for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Women Who Like Sports

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Secret3k

Do you remember the last time you weren’t free to do something you wanted?

Maybe when you were 17 years old and wanted to vote or when your older sibling could drive but you couldn’t because you were too young?

Perhaps it was years ago when as a woman you wanted your own credit card but credit companies didn’t give them to women alone, they needed a male co-signature.

Living in America, women are used to, for the most part, being able to do anything men can do. Although there are many inequalities still facing women, like pay inequality, for the most part we participate in all activities men do.  So it can be shocking to hear about situations when women globally or in even in the USA in domineering relationships were they aren’t allowed to do what they want.

It is a reason I run in the Secret3K each year to help bring awareness during International Women’s Week to promote equality. It started in 10 cities across Canada and has grown each year. The 3K raises funds for incredible groups such as 261Fearless, Girl Guides of Canada, the Marathon of Afghanistan, and Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan I ran it last year by myself but will run with 2 other women on Wednesday.  There is still time for you to join us in Syracuse or run virtually anywhere.

Eliza Fletcher from The Tennessee Star

Last year I stepped out of my house at 4:30 a.m. to run for Eliza Fletcher who was abducted and killed during her A.M. fun in Memphis, TN because women shouldn’t be afraid to run in the dark anyplace in fear of being stopped, hurt, or killed. It was easy for me to walk out my door and run freely, but not every woman can do that in their community or nation. We must keep that message alive.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Running for Eliza at 4:30 a.m.

I hope that today’s blog post gives you something to think about, potentially run for, and keep talking about to help women everywhere gain the freedom they need to live like men, freely, doing anything they want to do. 

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