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Happy 18th Anniversary – Surviving in Business Tips

March 3, 2023

When you envision a business, you never know what it will really look like, or how long it will exist. SBA statistics don’t favor eager entrepreneurs outlasting more than one or three years on average. There are multiple factors that make or break a business early on, as they grow, and as the marketplace changes with competition, outside forces like a Covid-19 pandemic, and technology. So, how is a enterprise to survive for close to 2-decades?

Here is my wisdom on the subject as I celebrate the 18th year of my second company and almost 30 years as woman entrepreneur:

* You must LOVE what you do. You want to get up everyday and run your business. You look forward to every new day.

* You must LOVE the people you serve. Customers are much more than numbers or revenue, they are people you have the joy of being with for as long as they are involved with you.

* Remain flexible when the marketplace changes and unexpected obstacles happen.

* Being tenacious, undaunted, and steadfast in getting through a crisis or downturn helps you rise back up in time.

* Continue education in all subjects areas related to running a solid business.

* Seek out advisors if you get in over your head and need expert advice.

* Market like you have never marketed before.

* Make PR your best friend.

* Learn to love sales and do it daily. If you don’t, your company well will dry up.

The most important key to success in business is to have people dedicated to your mission and vision, who are willing to share your business with others and excitedly drawn new people to you. Never underestimate praise, thankfulness, and even love to keep them near and dear to you and your business. It is okay to have love language as part of your mission.

I wish you many more years of success ahead. If I can ever be of service to you, please let me know. I am here to help anyone, any time I can.

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