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Wednesday Wisdom: Becoming a Favorite

February 15, 2023

Wednesday Wisdom, Wednesday Morning, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

St. John’s Island (a favorite)

“What kind of food do you want for your birthday?” asks my son. “Well my favorite food, of course,” I reply.

“Are we seeing Dave Matthews again this summer? my husband asks, “Well yes, he is our favorite,” I reply.

“Your group is my favorite woman’s group,” a woman says to me. “I’m glad, thank you.”

Women TIES Rochester Event

How did “our favorite” in business or life become the best to us? Whether it is food, music, a business group, vacation locale or family member, how did it develop? Why is it we always want to be around our favorite things?

As entrepreneurs shouldn’t we be asking ourselves then, “How can my company become my customer’s favorite?” What does it take and how often does someone have to visit to learn quickly you want to be their preference? How do you build the culture? What do you and your staff need to do to develop this type of fan base?

Isn’t this what we strive for? To be the name on the end of someone’s tongue or referral as a favorite? And when asked why are they your favorite, they can easily list off more than five reasons why.

Women’s Athletic Network – Ziplining

This Wednesday Wisdom is very quickly to have you think of the things, traits, services, offerings, or intangibles that make YOU someone’s favorite. Then hone in on making sure you deliver every time you meet or greet someone, do your marketing, sell, refer, connect, and communicate.

Soon enough, being someone’s favorite might turn in to a whole lot more customers.

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