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A Salute to Rainy Days and Burt Bacharach

February 9, 2023

Thursday Thoughts, Inspiration, Motivation

Syracuse Sky – Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

So, it is one of those days when the sun can’t be found, the sky is dark grey, and ‘raindrops are falling on your head’ reminding you of the song Burt Bacharach composed especially because we were just notified, he died this morning. As much as yesterday was sunny, warm, and a good day, today is the opposite locking me inside my office to work, which isn’t a bad thing really.  What can you do if days like today get you down?

The subject was popping up on my Twitter feed along with cute photos of coffee cups with the statement, “my coffee didn’t see his shadow today,” and “counting the days until spring arrives.” I subtly suggested – or perhaps bombed them with an image of me dressed in pink – saying, “wear a bright color today to bring some light into your life.”  I always want to remind people they have the power to think positively when I can.

On my own Facebook page, I showcased my pink profile reminding my followers on a dreary day like today, I wear pink to remind people to buy from woman-owned companies helping to put money in their purses, Pay Pal accounts or bank accounts. A couple days ago I wrote how my brand colors opened a business connection, and today I wear my brand to remind women to buy from women. We don’t need Garanimal Clothing to mix and match our favorite colors – just throw them on.

Life, business, and moods all have something in common – sometimes the outlook is light, airy, and optimistic, and other days its dark, heavy and negative. What can you do about it, seeing as you only live once?

I suggest write about something you love, wear your favorite clothes, call your favorite person, buy yourself a gift, eat some really good food, take your beloved pets for a walk, dream up a new business product, brighten up your marketing, reach out to an old friend, sign up for a course, turn on the lights, carry a bright colored umbrella with matching rain boots, jump in the puddles, and sing Burt’s song and realize you are alive and well and tomorrow will be a new weather day.

For me I will remember my dad today who always sang the song “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” to me bringing a big smile to my face and turning my heart even more pink than my clothes. Look for the GOOD in the bad and you’ll be a happy person.

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