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Wednesday Wisdom: Reset, Restart, Move On

February 1, 2023

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One month ago on January 1st, a new year began. In tradition, we jotted down resolutions, habits we would change, list places we want to go, and thought of everything from small to large goals to achieve. One month later, we can take a short look back at that list and see what we have done or failed to do already. Our gluten-free diets might be off track, or we haven’t run a mile yet or we already spent money on things we didn’t budget for, right?

Well, I have a much better way for you to look at the past month and to use going forward. Starting today, create a “success journal” – it can be a spiral notebook, online document, colorful journal, or erase board in your office. You are going to take a few minutes to remember January and list anything you have done good – those small successes – and jot them down to view.

Every month you will do that same thing so that instead of concentrating on what you aren’t doing, or doing poorly, you are filling yourself up with good news, small steps, and maybe even big, bold steps to empower yourself. Why look at our glasses half empty, when we have the option to look at them half full? It is simply our mindset and what we choose to observe that counts.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scold yourself once in a while for falling off your path since we have to keep ourselves regulated somehow, but it doesn’t mean the end of the world either or the end of a positive resolution year yet, if we goof up. Who is 100% right on, all the time? Do you know someone who is? Please share their name. Most likely that person doesn’t exist, and that side of us doesn’t exist.

When I was training for the Boston Marathon, I had to log in so many hours of running per week. Once in a while, work or weather, or being sick stopped my plans. I acknowledged it, gave myself permission to let it be, and caught up with my goal as soon as I could. It is okay to pause, really, as long as we get back to our goals at some point, so we don’t get disappointed in ourselves. Life and business are like a roller coaster ride, up and down, ascending, descending, and if we don’t enjoy the ride, we miss the point.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you that February 1st is a good restart day. Restart what you committed to on January 1st, or readjust your goals or plans based on what you’ve learned already, or slow down and extend your goal’s end or just rest and think about what you really want to accomplish and put a big star next to it, so you focus on that one thing this month. Don’t move fast over your accomplishments because all of them matter so make a list of them and keep them close.

Maybe we should really make resolutions at the start of every single month, instead of the start of 365 days, so we have better control, and flexibility, on what we can do based on where we are and what situations have come our way. Here’s to a new month of possibilities! Let’s go for it our way and at our own time.

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