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Monday Motivation: Make it More than Lunch

January 30, 2023

Monday Morning, Monday Motivation, Inspiration for Women in Business, Female Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

Beaver Lake Nature Center – By Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

Gliding through the towering pine, oak, and maple trees that grew in a nearby forest, I felt like I must have been in Northern California in the redwood forest, minus the redwoods. Silently listening without music in my iPods, I heard birds chirp, branches move, snow crunch, and my breathing increase as the trail got longer. Other people observing what I was by walking in their boots or on snowshoes, but I loved speed of any kind, even slow cross country skiing which is much different than down-hill skiing but as refreshing.

Never taking a lunch hour, but only an exercise hour, for most of my business career, meant adapting my sport to the season or elements. When I was five months pregnant working for a local college, I took my lunch hour in the Nautilus Room, trying to keep my 27-year-old body in some kind of shape before having my first baby. I changed afterward, not too sweaty, and returned to my desk fulfilled.

As a woman entrepreneur, I’ve enjoyed, not eating in my kitchen during lunch, but rather training for the Boston Marathon, riding my bike 10 miles, cross country skiing in the forest on a 3-mile lake loop, all which took me away from my desk for an hour. I might nibble on snacks before and after but my lunch hours has always included some sporting activity, always coming back not tired, but renewed to begin the second part of my work day.

I don’t exercise at lunch to lose weight, I’ve learned that isn’t the primary reason, although it helps my middle-aged, post- menopause body, I do it because I brings me a joyful spirit, health, and a clear mind to return to work. It feels good to exercise at lunch if you can do it. Later in the day, I’m never as motivated, but mid-day finds me blissful and full of enough sitting-still energy to get me going.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Women’s Athletic Network

So if you want to give the “exercise at lunch time” a try, join me this Wednesday, February 1st for a Cross Country Ski hour to acknowledge “National Women & Girls in Sports Day” or on Wednesday, March 8th to run the “Secret 3K” to bring attention and funds to organizations that support women running freely anywhere in the world – especially the places they are not allowed to run in fear of attacks or prison,

If you start taking lunch hours the way I have for years, I bet you find the Monday – Friday work week is now something to look forward to, not dread, because you add sports, nature, and a healthy lifestyle to your professional and personal life.  

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