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Wednesday Wisdom: Pausing Long Enough to Notice

January 11, 2023

Wednesday Morning, Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

One of my favorite intuitive teachers used to say, “Pause long enough to notice.” She was simply brilliant at stopping in nature, life, and business to pause and take in a bit of contemplation in order to gain wisdom to move forward. It didn’t matter if the quiet was to examine something beautiful, to dance within some type of joy, or to gain clarity and perspective. All I know is she was so good at it even in the height of problems, difficulties, and even nature’s storms.

The New Year is only eleven days old, still fresh in its unraveling, so you might not feel like you have to pause yet because everything anew has just begun. But I find that while my soul and mind are still quiet, I crave more of it, whether I find it in daily mass sitting in church, having coffee next to a large window where our birds gather thankful for the seeds we leave them or in a recorded meditation by Deepak Chopra on my cozy brown desk chair.

I could blame the need to have more quietness in the New Year because I’m getting older and so is my company, but I don’t. I recognize that pausing, as frequently as needed, is a wise and inspirational one. Whether it is a 15-minute time span or an hour of spiritual renewal or even the quietness of a two-hour bike ride in nature, replenishment is immediate and recognizable.

As much as entrepreneurs want to act faster, play harder, climb higher to accomplish personal and business goals, we must remind ourselves to also pause long enough to notice our internal wishes and visions for ourselves and companies and slow down enough to register our thoughts. Keeping a new journal of ideas for personal and business life in 2023 is also a perfect tool because thoughts can be fleeting in those quiet moments.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you that as my dear friend once said, “pausing long enough to notice,” is a smart woman’s tool to success and pleasure. We always have the ability to rev up our energy and work levels when the time arrives, but once we do, we mustn’t forget we can also cool down during parts of the day or week to breathe, think, and contemplate again.

In 2023, I wish you more quietness in your days to understand what is most important to you as the year progresses and then take action, after the silence, to make those visions happen. It is only in listening to our desires that we can truly move forward in the right direction. 

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