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The Right Path to Making New Year’s Resolutions Work

January 5, 2023

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As the morning’s sunlight created a golden pathway under the rusty green bridge above my favorite bike trail, my heart burst with excitement. My favorite trail was free of snow and ice so I could finally bike on it again. The path wove around the inlets and coves of the lake as the sunrise made the sky colored layered in powder blue, peach, pink, and golden hues. I had to stop to take a photo, it was too breath taking.

The temperature was 39 degrees, perfect for this all-weather, all-temperature outside enthusiast. My internal temperature gauge has turned down since two full years of biking around the clock in every season. I don’t care what the temperature is if I can dress for it and feel the breeze on my face, blood pumping in my veins, and happiness radiate from my toes to the new hair at the top of my alopecia head.

Every new year, people force themselves to change habits as part of their resolutions. It seems painful giving up sweets and carbohydrates for celery and spinach. I used to feel that way too until I adopted mentally a new way of living within the true spirit of health by biking every day of the year, eating foods that nurture, not harm, my body, and slowly realizing this “new habit” was the way I enjoyed life.

It takes time, diligence, and passion to adopt a healthy way of living, not just a random promise at midnight on January 1st. You have to really want it. You must make it a priority that becomes an addiction of living because you can’t live without feeling good. Once this change happens in you, there is no turning back, because you feel so good. You want more and more.

In 2023, instead of promising yourself something that is subtracted from your life, give yourself a gift of adding something to your life like good habits, ways of thinking and living positively, a new attitude, and time to start loving the adjustments. Soon like me, you will discover this new way of being as something you can’t live without. 

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