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A Friend’s Passing Can Be a Gift at the Holiday

December 20, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts, Inspiration, Wisdom

As I listen to Jim Brickman play a holiday tune on his piano, through a CD I bought the night my close friend Teresa Huggins brought me to his concert, I think of the gift of friendship that can occur during business. Teresa and I knew each other’s names but never met until one fateful networking event where we instantly connected and became dear friends – not unlike many other women have shared with me. She was just that kind of person.

My memories pick up moments of the concert where only the notes of the piano could be heard as the audience sat in hushed amazement. The royal blue background on stage reminded me of Mother Mary’s clothing signifying a deeper meaning to the concert for me. Teresa had helped me visualize a peaceful scene with Mother Mary shortly after we met. I have revisited that quiet space and awakening many times since. In fact, now when I glance at Mother Mary, I think of Teresa.

Always buying special Christmas ornaments for our spruce tree, I bought one for myself this year – a purple, yellow and blue butterfly to remind me of Teresa, who passed away in August this year. Because she was a close friend for 11 years, I don’t cry for her because I know where she is and that she isn’t far away. I am rather glad she is out of pain and flying like a beautiful butterfly in another dimension.

Many people get sad on the holidays missing their loved ones, and I understand that after losing two parents, but when a friend passes on, I think we can be rather happy that they were in our lives for some period of time delivering wisdom, laughter, and love. I choose to listen to Jim Brickman and look at the butterfly ornament so I feel Teresa nearby this holiday. Without doing this, she might feel too far away.

Remember today and every day, you have the choice to live in happy memories that warmed your heart even if the person who was part of the memory is gone. By remembering them, we give ourselves a gift that brings our heart the joy we need.

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