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Wednesday Wisdom: Counting Down Pink

December 14, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Growing up Catholic meant watching purple and rose candles being lit each Sunday of Advent in church. After having sons who made green and red construction paper loops intertwined, our counting down included tearing off one loop each day until the string was gone meaning it was Christmas. Watching Jewish friends light Menorah Candles signified their celebration once it began. Don’t forget the Twelve Days of Christmas song listing numerical items, like 5 golden rings, as the holiday closes in. People like counting down.

No matter what your religion or tradition, as a woman entrepreneur with buying power in your pink purse or credit card, consider counting down in a significant way with actions the next ten days to help our sister business owners achieve some success during this powerful purchasing time of year.

1. Earmark a certain percentage of the rest of your holiday spending budget on items sold by female business owners.

2. When you see a product being sold by a woman you know on social media, repost the items on your own pages so more people see the listing.

3. Stop by three woman-owned businesses in your town to buy something from them even if it means stocking stuffers.

4. Invite a friend to join you at a woman-owned restaurant or café for holiday eggnog.

5. Donate to an organization that supports women or girls.

6. Signup now for a female organized self-care program or retreat in 2023.

7. Buy books written by female authors.

8. If you are catering a home event, hire a female catering company.

9. Looking ahead to 2023 travel plans, hire a woman who owns her own travel business.

10. Share this message with everyone you know so more people remember to buy from women this holiday season.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is an important reminder that we have power in our purses to support other women financially this holiday season. Women still need us to help them sustain and grow their companies. We might not have thousands of dollars to spend, but sometimes the smallest purchase can make a difference, especially if every woman thinks and acts with pink intention.

If you use my suggested countdown the next ten days, you are personally adding to a Pink Holiday Season for women like you and me who appreciate and depend on other women’s purchases. Do your part and think pink and buy from women first and foremost in the time remaining in 2022.

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