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Cyber Monday and Book Launch Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

November 28, 2022

Cyber Monday, Book Launch Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Owned Companies, Small Businesses

A quarter-of-a-century after starting my first business, I would have bet this aging woman entrepreneur would have known most topics related to running a small enterprise, but I was wrong. Being wrong sometimes is the best thing about entrepreneurship because we learn and learning helps us and others as we share lessons with them. Women entrepreneurs are awesome at sharing failures, unsuccessful attempts, and wounds from the brave life of running a company with other women. It is one of our strengths.

Launching my first book, “Under the Rose-Colored Hat” on Amazon, with the help of a knowledgeable book consultant, was an eye-opening experience. I couldn’t have imagined cooking a Thanksgiving turkey for my family would correlate with checking the status of my brand new book’s ranking on Amazon. At one point I reconciled the fact, I couldn’t do both things at the same time and enjoy the day so family came first…..and checking the rankings came later while the family was watching football.

It’s been three years since my book launched. Never knowing an Amazon bestseller means hitting a certain ranking within seven days of a book launch, when 5500 books are published on Amazon daily, meant I had to learning valuable lessons to share with my membership of women entrepreneurs. Having a “book launch team” was something new to me too but 30 of my family, friends, and members jumped on board and sharing my book link with their network. This is even more wisdom for me to share with the next woman entrepreneur launching her own book.

Another fascinating factor in the process of launching a book is the new creative marketing and advertising technology to create advertisements, social media marketing posts and book images to use to market a book. Small business owners don’t have time to take marketing courses so launching a new product, like a book, takes one out of their comfort zone and into a new educational curve to enhance their business knowledge for future endeavors.

On this Marketing Monday, which is also Cyber Monday, consider ways to increase your marketing knowledge to advance your business through increased studies, experiments, and conversations. If you’d like to support my book on Amazon, please click on this link. If you need an answer to anything I posted today, feel free to leave a comment and I promise to share my knowledge with you because that’s how it works in small business today.

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