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Wednesday Wisdom: Thanksgiving Message for Women Entrepreneurs

November 23, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Thanksgiving Message for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Every morning as I arrive at my home-based business desk nestled in the corner of a sage-colored room overlooking an expansive front lawn, I am grateful. It isn’t hard to be when glancing out the large window at nature while working to inspire, educate and unite the best demographic in the world – women entrepreneurs.

Blessings are everyday occurrences that can go unnoticed or appreciated depending on one’s mindset and time allotted to comprehend them. Mornings don’t slip by without being grateful for my role in business and life with amazing women like you.

I never take it lightly that my career has given me so much the past 3-decades working on behalf of brave, daring, tenacious women who believe in carving out a unique corner of the market to give other people valued services and products to enrich their lives.

“When you give you live,” a favorite musical lyric of mine speaks the truth. Choosing an entrepreneurial lifestyle gives the business owner the opportunity every day to give of themselves in more ways than one to live their best life. Everyday work tasks turn into unseen life-giving-force of its own; creating ripples to far-reaching corners of a community, as my dear friend Teresa Huggins would say.

Never underestimate the abundance that your everyday singular, and multiplying actions, do to reverberate goodness in the world we serve together as united women business owners. You might not feel the love coming back to you, but by putting good products and offering meaningful services into the universe we make it a better place to live and work in together.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to thank you for what you do everyday to make the marketplace a unique place to reside within. Realize how the lack of your business’ presence would negatively alter the universe. You are needed. You matter. You touch lives. There are hundreds of people who appreciate you.

I promise you will be in my Thanksgiving blessings tomorrow for being the important woman you are to not only me, but your customers and community. Have a blessed and joyful day with the ones you love….and please buy from other women entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. 

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