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Monday Motivation and Manic Miracles

August 29, 2022
Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – CNY Magazine
The dotted circle on the black screen spun, and spun, and spun, until my mind joined it spinning in the same way wondering how to get into the black vault of my newest computer. Sure, it was a Monday morning when things can go wrong but good luck had been on my side lately so tenacity was having the best of me. Finally realizing there was an issue, I hauled the big black computer box over to Staples for a look and hopeful repair.

Remembering it was Monday, the answers to my dire situation – because aren’t all computer issues dire – wasn’t immediate. Patiently I’d have to wait a week for the hard drive to be sent out to another location for analysis. I already knew when the young dude at the counter said, “Oh, you got a BLACK screen, that’s bad!” I was in for it. 57-years-old doesn’t make me a novice when it comes to technology.

Before I could get back to my home office, I already whipped up a plan to conquer this major disturbance by grabbing a laptop I only used for power point presentations and started creating easy access to all my accounts so I could change passwords in case the guys looking at my hard drive could take off information and get access to my financial accounts. That was my main worry along with realizing I hadn’t backed up my documents that had my large excel spread sheet on regular and adventure sports I had, and hadn’t yet, tried.

Remembering earlier in the year when I announced that sports goal, someone asked for the list so I graciously emailed it to her and had recently, as of four days ago, changed my personal website to reflect this new goal, so I breathed easier getting access to that list again. The beginnings of the sports book documenting my new life adventure weren’t recoverable but my blog hosted many of my experiences and could be copied again.

Today’s Monday Manic and Motivational blog post is to simply, yet loudly, remind you to back up your most important documents as often as you can – maybe even daily – so if your big black computer stops working and all you see is circling white dots, you feel less panicked about retrieving vital files and folders. This message is one of the most general pieces of business news I’ve shared in a blog, but its essentialist to a mentally happy woman entrepreneur is imperative.

Spend some time this week backing up your computer, files, folders, and passwords so you can sail into a new work week more easily than I did today.   

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