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Wednesday Wisdom: How to Enrich Your Life

August 24, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Motivation, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Entering the conservative Federal style chapel, with its distinctive three-story main body and interior design, including three bays on the eastern façade and eight bays of double hung windows along the north and south side of the building, set the unique and beautiful tone for the ceremony. Inside clean, classic wooden pews were dotted with people of all ages and walks of life waiting for the event to begin. An ebony grand piano sat on stage along with a simple podium, dried hydrangeas, a wooden box, and a photo of the ceremony’s honoree. Breathtakingly simple and poignant.

“A Celebration of An Extraordinary Life” began with a welcome, opening remarks, reading, and pause, followed by a tribute, musical reflection, and closing. Each speaker was hand picked with close ties to the life being honored. Every word, smile, laugh, tear, and thoughtful silence led back to the life of this one person. The music performed by special students who wrote and sang unique, yet familiar, tunes creating chills up arms.

This special event was the celebration of life for a beloved woman who was both educator and entrepreneur for thirty years touching the heart strings of so many. Looking around the room you could literally see how one’s work affected the lives of so many. I think we want our careers to have more meaning than money, but that’s a question and answer for each woman entrepreneur. What matters most – the people’s whose lives we touch or the amount of revenue in our bank accounts?

Hamilton College Chapel

When you think your work doesn’t matter, contemplate your own real-life scenario within the walls of a quaint historic chapel filled with past clients, vendors, friends, students, and even one-time exchanges and see that it does. People love you. People believe in what you offer. People watch you lead and follow. Don’t believe for one second your work isn’t of value, because it is to someone, and in most cases, to hundreds.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to lift your eyes beyond your accounting binders, bank statements, and purse holdings to consider the real gold you have achieved over your lifetime of work in your career – the contributions you have made to people. It isn’t about enriching our individual life, as much as enriching others’ lives. This kind of money is the only one that truly counts.

Be grateful for your work, yourself, the people you touch, your physical ability to conduct your work, the use of your brain, and putting out into the world positive influences on a daily basis. For this you will be remembered. For this you will be rewarded. 

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